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    • 03/18/2018
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    • Kettunnen Center, Tustin, MI
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    IACCA Super Seminar

    March 18 - 22, 2018

    Kettunnen Center, Tustin, MI
    Super Seminar is an advanced course offered by IACCA to enable participants to look beyond the "nuts-n-bolts" of conference center leadership by providing a four day experience of guided personal focus and development, a rare opportunity in our complex culture.

    This year we will explore first WHY and then HOW our professional and personal thinking and acting can be enhanced and contribute to a more satisfying outcome.  

    In a thoughtful consideration of WHY and HOW some people are more influential, more innovative and more successful, we will explore factors that contribute to effective leadership and command greater loyalty from others. The course will provide an outstanding environment for personal and professional growth.  

    Super Seminar is a unique learning event. Past participants have given this experience extraordinarily high evaluation ratings. For persons in the demanding work of conference center operations this is a don’t-miss-it opportunity for new skills development and a break from routine responsibilities.

    During this interactive study time our learning will be guided by nationally recognized skilled facilitators who will help us make personal application of the information being considered.  They are:



    William F. "Bill" Symes    
    Teacher, trainer, counselor and expert in personal development and mindfulness practices, Bill will guide us toward a highly developed sense of self and others. He will help us understand why we work and live as we do and inspire achievement of the highest and best within us. He brings forty years of experience as a Clinical Psychotherapist and trainer of professionals. His book
    Mastering the Art of Psychotherapy was published in 2015   Having received exceptionally high ratings by student evaluations last year he returns for his second year as a Super Seminar leader. Students will again be delighted with his warm personality, good humor and ability to help us take a positive and useful look at ourselves.

    Bob Adam

    A nationally recognized teacher and writer, Bob is passionate about helping leaders thrive by turning challenges into opportunities. He will focus his time with us on how we may achieve a high level of effectiveness in our life and work. His skill will be seen as he is able to capture our attention and align our learning with new ways of thinking and acting. Bob will inspire us to “drill down” to make the connections that we need to deepen our understanding and make the knowledge of this course our own. A first time presenter to IACCA education, students will enjoy his ability to infuse hard work and seriousness with humor, appreciation and celebration.

    Charles Wallace

    Lifelong learner, teacher and conference center professional, Charles will anchor this seminar with short synthesis sessions to enable participants to focus and apply the seminar content. Dr. Wallace is Dean of IACCA Education and a nationally known organizational development professional.

    Prior to the time that the learning group is together, participants will read two books that incubate thoughts insightful to the subjects under consideration.   

    The first book, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, speaks of patterns of thinking, communicating and acting that provide some leaders with the ability to more fully inspire those around them.  These patterns can be learned and applied.


    The second book is How by Dov Seidman.  The message of this work is that how we do anything means more than ever before.  Seidman contends that there is a dramatic difference between how-to and how and that the difference is vitally important.  In our hyperconnected, hypertransparent world, how we behave, consume, build trust and relate to others matters more and in ways it never has before.

    Students will receive a copy of the two books when they register and be asked to read both prior to the seminar.


    $ 1028 Single Occupancy 

     Cost Includes:   
    • Tuition: $625
    • Two IACCA recommended books shipped to you upon registration
    • 4 nights lodging and 13 meals: $403

    Early Arrival Cost:

    $1091 Single Occupancy 

    Cost Includes one extra night of lodging on Saturday night.

    Request for Scholarship
    Please choose this registration type if you would like to apply for scholarship funds. Funds are limited and are not guaranteed. Maximum amount is half of tuition per registration. If you choose this option, you will be contacted directly regarding your application. Once a decision has been made, you will be invoiced for the reduced or full program fee.

    If you want to grow in a deep and powerful way in your leadership we encourage you to sign up today. More details will be sent following registration. 
    If you have any questions, please contact:
    Will Cooper, IACCA Board Administrative Assistant
    • 10/22/2018

    IACCA Certified Conference Center Professional

    The IACCA certification program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s conference and retreat center professional, with many options for growth. The program allows each applicant to design the certification program to meet their needs, strengthen their weaker areas, and get the recognition of being a certified professional in this industry. 

    For more information contact:
    Will Cooper, IACCA Board Administrative Assistant at:
    • 10/22/2018
    • 10/26/2018
    • Green Lake Conference Center,Green Lake Wisconsin

    IACCA 2018 Annual Conference 

    Green Lake Conference Center

    Green Lake, Wisconsin

    October 22-26, 2018


    Moving into the Future   - The Power of Transformational Leadership

    Come join us for the 2018 IACCA Annual Conference in Green Lake this October!  Starting with a dynamic keynote given by Lori Hoffner of Supporting CommUnity, we will explore the differences between transactional leadership and transformational leadership.  From there, we have the opportunity to network with other professionals and improve the leadership potential in ourselves and our staffs through a series of workshops and discussion sessions designed to highlight the vast and varied areas in camp and conference center life.  We will explore leadership in all areas of center management, from how to run successful fundraising campaigns, to marketing, to program development, to facilities management, to personnel, to food service and hospitality.  We can all Move Into The Future together.  Registration opens May 1, 2018.

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