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 What is the IACCA Annual Conference?

The IACCA Annual Conference is a four-day event, which includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions, vendor exhibits, and social nights. It is also, the Annual Business Meeting of IACCA where committee reports are given, the new budget is presented, new board members are elected and motions voted on.   

When and where is the 2017 Annual Conference?

The 2017 conference will be held Monday, October 23 – Friday, October 27, 2017.  Our venue: YMCA of the Rockies located in Estes Park, Co. Check in is at 3:00 pm at the Long's Peak building.

Who attends the conference?

The Annual Conference targets Conference Center Professionals and Camp Staff, but everybody with an interest in the conference/retreat centers field is welcome!

How many people attend the IACCA Conference?

The IACCA Annual Conference attracts around 50+ attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, and speakers. For the 2017 conference, we hope to continue growing.

What is the theme of the 2017 IACCA Annual Conference?

The theme of the 2017 IACCA Annual Conference is "Transforming Work Dynamics –A Journey from Work to Fun."

Who sponsors IACCA Conference?

The IACCA Annual Conference is presented by the IACCA Board of Directors. However, there are opportunities for other companies to sponsor this four-day event. For a full list of sponsors, and information on sponsoring, click here.


How much does it cost to attend?

Early Registration - First registrant from a center – $250.00

Choose this registration option for the first or only person to register from your center, before August 19, 2017.

Early Registration - Successive registrants from a center – $215.00

This is for the successive registrants from a center, before August 19, 2017; do not choose this for the first or only registrant from a center.

Life Member Registration

We are especially pleased to welcome life members to the fall conference! There is no program fee for Life Members.

Request for Scholarship

Please choose this registration type if you would like to apply for scholarship funds. Funds are limited and are not guaranteed. Maximum amount is $140 per registration. If you choose this option, you will be contacted directly regarding your application. Once a decision has been made, you will be invoiced for the reduced or full program fee.

Spouse, not in Conference Center profession

This option is intended to spouses who accompany a Conference Center professional, but who are not themselves in Conference Center work.

When is the registration deadline?

Sunday, October 15, 2017 for online registration. After that point, we will have onsite registration starting the first day of the conference.

Can I register on-site for the conference?

Yes, you may. We will be accepting registrations at the Information/Check in Registration Table during the event. 

I am only able to attend the conference one or two of the four days. Is this ok?

Yes! The conference is structured such that your registration fee covers any and all sessions. You are free to come and go as you please; the price of ticket includes all four days' activities, but you may, of course, attend only one or two of the days. Just remember that your name tag is your ticket into the various happenings at the conference and must be worn at all times while at the YMCA of the Rockies.

I registered! When will I receive my ticket?

A person's name badge is the official entrance ticket for the conference. Please bring your registration receipt when you check in.

Can I receive a full refund if I cannot attend the conference?

Unfortunately no full refunds are available. However, refunds will be processed, less a $15 per person processing fee, if they are received in writing by October 15, 2017. Absolutely no refunds will be awarded after that date.



Where will the 2017 Annual Conference be held?

The 2017 IACCA Annual Conference will be held at the Long’s Peak building at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO.


How far is the YMCA from Estes Park.

Estes Park Center is approximately 75 miles northwest of Denver. Drive time is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours in good road and traffic conditions. Estes Park Center is located at 2515 Tunnel Road, Estes Park, Colorado, 80511. More information here.

How do I get from the airport to the convention center?

For the best directions to the YMCA of the Rockies, please click here. This page provides a lot of information on travel options to and from the airport. An Estes Park shuttle is offered for $85 round trip. 

Are there local restaurants around the YMCA of the Rockies?

Yes, there are several restaurants and things to do near the YMCA Center. Click here for details. 

Will there be Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage in the meeting rooms and lodging. 

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in all places.  Verizon is better cell phone service than ATT.

What is the weather in Estes Park in October?  Do I need an umbrella, a winter coat? 

The average high is 79 degrees and the average low is 47 degrees, although it has gotten as low as 33 degrees and as high as 96 degrees.  Check the weather right before your do your packing for a more exact reading, but plan on cool nights and warm days.  Yes, a rain jacket and umbrella are always smart to bring.  Here is the link for weather:  https://weather.com/weather/today/l/USCO0130:1:US

Are their hair dryers, shampoo, etc. in the rooms?

Shampoo and conditioner are not provided at YMCA of the Rockies. Soap dispensers are located at the sink and in the showers of every property at the YMCA of the Rockies. Hairdryers are provided in lodge rooms.



Is food included in my registration?

Yes, all food is part your registration fee. All meal will be served at the dining hall.  Meal times are 8:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

How to I report my dietary needs? 

When you register, please indicate if you are vegan, vegetarian, glucose free, etc.  If you didn’t indicate that at the time of registration, please email Lori Sylvia.

I want to find out more about the exhibiting companies before I attend. Where can I find more information on the exhibitors?

We encourage you to click here to find out more about the exhibiting companies at the 2017 conference. More companies are added every week, so please check back regularly for the most updated list.  

Will I need to bring cash for anything or will a debit/credit card suffice? 

Cash may be needed for sundry items or snacks from the Estes Park gift shop or for any side trips to the town, but most other places take credit cards. 

What is the dress for the week?  Casual?  Do I need a dress up outfit?  Do I need outdoor attire? 

The entire week is casual except business attire is optional for the business meeting and banquet on Thursday.  If you plan to do any hiking, swimming, horseback riding, etc., please bring appropriate attire. 

I see that there is a shuttle available, but do I really need a car for other activities? 

All activities for the conference will be on site at the YMCA.  If there are any excursions to town car pooling or a shuttle will be provided (at a cost?).  If you plan to stay in the area after the conference or go off on your own during free time, you may want to rent a car instead of the shuttle.

Are there handicap accessible rooms available? 

Yes, YMCA of the Rockies provides handicapped-accessible cabins and lodge rooms.  There are elevators in the lodging. If you have issues with stairs, please request a ground-level room. We can provide a ramp that goes up 3 steps to assist with mobility issues; please inquire about the ramp when you check-in at the administration building.

Should I be concerned about the altitude? 

The YMCA is located at 8,010 feet above sea level. Above 8,000 feet, oxygen is approximately 45% less dense and there is 50% to 80% less humidity than sea level. Altitude sickness can affect anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Visitors from lower elevations may notice shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and/or nausea.  To alleviate these symptoms, we recommend drinking plenty of water (64 ounces daily), get lots of rest, eat lightly and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Ibuprofen and altitude sickness medication is available for purchase at our General Store.

Our recommendation Do not do any strenuous activity or drink alcohol your first day there.  Bring aspirin with you to help with headaches if you get one.  

I lost something at the Conference. Who do I contact to see if it was found?

IACCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items at the conference. However, if you lost something at the conference, first visit the IACCA  Information/Check in Registration Table. We will have a lost and found there for anyone with the conference who has found something to turn in. If we do not have your item, we will also refer you to the YMCA of the Rockies, which has their own lost and found. Please be prepared to provide a description of the lost item and an ID if necessary. If you realize you have lost something after the conference, contact us and we will be happy to check what was found for you.   

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