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The IACCA certification program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s conference and retreat center professional, with many options for your growth. The program is flexible and allows each applicant to design the certification program to meet their needs, strengthen their weaker areas, and get the recognition of being a certified professional in this industry.

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Certified Conference Center Professional (CCCP) is the official designation given by IACCA to members who complete a prescribed training and meet a set of educational and experience requirements. Those who hold this credential may publish the letters "CCCP" after their names and be recognized as having reached the highest level of professional education for conference center administration. Persons who wish to achieve this distinction may enroll in this program.

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2019 Class Schedule

The course of study may begin with Center Administration Fundamentals, an optional course designed to provide introductory information, primarily for new or aspiring center directors. It is offered on a two-year cycle at the IACCA Annual Conference. Alternatively, this seven-hour seminar may be attended when offered in alternating years as a three-session online multimedia course.

The required study is divided into six areas of knowledge (disciplines) and each candidate is required to complete each area. The disciplines are:

  • Not-for-profit purpose and governance
  • Staff leadership and development
  • Finance and funding
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Facility development and maintenance

An optional seventh course is provided for persons who wish to build expertise in providing center-based programs. It is titled: Program development and delivery

All certification courses are under the direction of an Education Committee with oversight from the IACCA Dean of Education.

A strong feature of the program is that each candidate is assigned a certified member of the IACCA faculty as a mentor with whom there will be regular consultation. (A monthly telephone or online meeting is recommended).

An additional requirement is that each candidate make at least one (two preferred) center visit to another conference center following the IACCA center visit guidelines. The recommended fulfillment of this requirement is a visit to the mentor’s center along with another center selected by the candidate in consultation with their mentor.

The final requirement is a 20-hour Capstone Seminar which will be a synthesis exercise giving the candidates the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained through a process of faculty/peer review. The Capstone Seminar will be conducted over a six-month period involving three 2-hour online workshop experiences and a two-day (14-hour) classroom seminar to be conducted prior to and at the location of the annual conference.

During the course of completing the six required knowledge areas each candidate will provide a letter of recommendation from a supervisor and at least one other letter of recommendation from a person qualified to make such representation. Final recommendation for certification must include approval from the candidate’s mentor and overall approval from the dean.

The full course of study can be completed over a two-year period (generally more comfortable over three years) with completion required in no more than five years.

When the candidates complete their study there is a final event: The Certification Ceremony. During the recognition banquet at each IACCA Annual Meeting there is a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the candidate’s study. It is an upbeat event, much like an academic graduation, including formal recognition of the candidates. A time of celebration occurs when previously certified members welcome the newly certified members into the group.

Quick Reference Guide to Certification
2019 Class Schedule

For more information, please contact Ashley Graham-Wilcox, Education Committee Administrator.


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