Once a conference center professional achieves certification, the learning does not end.

IACCA encourages you to be a life long learner by providing opportunities each year for professional growth.

In order for your certification to stay active, you are required to take part in annual educational events and report these events to the IACCA Board Administrative Assistant. 

30 Points are required yearly for your certification to remain active and the cost for enrollment is $25.00. Sign up for Recertification and then use the Recertification Points Option Log below to submit your progress. 

Sign Up for Recertification

Recertification Points Options Log
Guidelines for Recertification Points

For more information, please contact:

Nicole Todd, Board Administrative Assistant

Dr. Charles Wallace, Dean

The International Association of Conference Center Administrators

PO Box 1012  Seabeck, WA 98380-1012

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