2018 Annual Conference Speakers

Carla Odell

Carla has held the Executive Director position at DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center for over 7 years. Yet, her 14 year tenure at DaySpring includes her work as a bookkeeper and as administrator. She is a member of the ECCC (Episcopal Camps and Conference Center Association). Carla's previous work experience includes teaching elementary grade levels and owning a software company for educational software for schools for Hewlett Packard where she installed software and trained School District Employees. Carla is the current IACCA Vice President and has previously taught several IACCA classes and workshops. 

Integration of Monthly Budget Projections for All Departments

A Center should always do an Annual Budget, but as is so often true in the conference center business, as soon as you produce one, it is out of date because of the flexibility we need to maintain with groups.  Adding in Monthly Projections where the budget is tweaked each month depending on what's going on, including who has cancelled and what numbers have changed, helps to keep departments on tracks, keeps your Board calm and helps to maintain financial stability all year long.  This workshop will show you how to set up the basics and do the necessary easy tweeking on a monthly basis while keeping your directors informed, integrated and on top of their game.  

Rev. Ann Emerson

Rev. Ann Emerson is in her 20th year of service as Director of Lake Huron Retreat Center.  As she oversees a staff of 16, she is involved in all areas of operation including food service, housekeeping, office and maintenance.  Ann has been an active member of IACCA since 1999. 

Servant Leadership: Providing a Model for Others

In our world of providing great hospitality for guests, servant leadership is a necessary component for our success.  As leaders at our centers, it is important that we model for our staff and guests what it means to serve.  A strong team can be the result of leadership working side by side with staff in all areas of operation. 

 Whitney Moore

Whitney Moore-Shea currently leads as Assistant Executive Director of McDowell Camp and Conference Center in Nauvoo, Alabama. She manages the daily operations of the center that welcomes around 50,000 guests a year. She began her career at McDowell back in 2011 as a recently returned U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer working as a seasonal instructor with McDowell Environmental Center. She left the non-profit sector for the corporate world for a short stint, then returned to McDowell in 2014 as Director of Guest Services. After learning the ropes, she worked as Assistant Director until she was asked to serve as Interim Executive Director in June 2017. She lives with her husband, Andrew the Farmer, on-site and they enjoy being members of a 30+ person community in the beauty of the Alabama forest. 

Millenials in the Workplace
The times they are a-changin'. Each generation has its own nuances and general ways of operating in the workplace, but the Millenial generation is one each and every person in decision-making roles should know more about. In this workshop, we will discuss 4 key components of your organization (Communication, Benefits, Mission, Teamwork) that can be the driving forces behind attracting and retaining this incredibly driven group of leaders.

Fred C. Wasiak

Fred C. Wasiak, Owner/Principal, Humanics Consulting, LLC, background includes over 30 years of leadership and executive management experiences in all aspects of nonprofit operations, program development, education, consulting, and coaching.  This includes his vocation as the Conference Director for the Frost Valley YMCA from 1993-1999.  From 1995-1997 Fred served as the 1st V.P. for IACCA; 1997-1999 served as President for NYACCA (New York Association of Conference Center Administrators; and as the Ambassador for NEACCA (Northeast Association of Conference Center Administrators). 

Fred has a B.S. in Physical Education from Niagara University and a M.S. in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Management/Leadership from Springfield College. Coaching certifications and course work includes: Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching; CTI's Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching; 360 Certified Coach, The Booth Company; Conversations that Inspire- Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change, Case Western Reserve University; Total Leadership - Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life, Wharton Leadership Program; and Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindful Schools. Fred is a husband of 31 years (and growing); father of three (all three children were born in three different states at three different camp/conference centers); maybe someday be a grandfather; a passionate cause driven leader; committed Rotarian; and an outdoor enthusiast. 

Mindfulness: The Practical Relevance for a Transformational Leader

Mindfulness impacts the way we communicate with one another and helps us to become more empathetic, less reactive, and better at decision making. A mindful leader develops others using three vocational qualities: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion. To become a more effective professional mindfulness can be a great tool. The days are busy and over-stimulating and you are dealing with many different personalities and situations. This workshop introduces the basics of mindfulness; the power of breathing; participate in simple activities that will make a difference in your setting; and understand mindful leadership begins with self.

Jason Kauffeld

Jason is the Director of Group Relations in Green Lake Conference Center. He joined Green Lake Conference Center's staff as Director of Nonprofit Relationships. Jason is developing private nonprofit, government, and educational markets. He is a Certified Program Planner with 16 years of national and international experience in community outreach, staff supervision, organizational capacity building, and project implementation. Jason's previous positions include Outreach Program Manager for Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Deputy Country Director of the Armenia Tree Project; and Community , Natural Resources, and Economic development Educator for the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. As Deputy Country of an international nonprofit in Armenia, he spearheaded a coalition of 60 nonprofits from three countries to influence environmental policy. While with Wisconsin's Cooperative Extension Service, Jason taught leadership development and supported the organizational development of hundreds or nonprofits and organizations.

Born and raised in Madison, Jason has a Bachelor of Science in International Agriculture and Natural Resources/Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master in Natural Resources through the Peace Corps Master International Program. As a volunteer through the Peace Corps, Jason liaised with dozens of nonprofits to launch Nepal's first national women's rights conference.

Marketing to Outside Groups

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Exceptional Food Service – Mary Disterhalf, Food Service Director at GLCC

Managing Volunteers – Sandra Wimpelberg, Volunteer Coordinator at GLCC

Additional Hot Topic Sessions

This year we will be offering two sessions during the conference that will be based on the groups’ desire for Hot Topics. Those in attendance will have a chance to define and vote for the two top Hot Topics. These Hot Topics can include such discussions such as:

  • Dealing with Emergency Situations
  • Policies on Therapy Dogs

We look forward to your input and discussions with our group during the Hot Topic sessions at this year’s conference.


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