1. Be considerate and fair. Feel free to engage in a spirited discussion or disagree with other participants, but avoid creating posts attacking individuals, companies, or organizations. IACCA reserves the right to remove or edit any posts that include bigotry or hatred; promote illegal activity; or are harassing, libelous, abusive, or objectionable.
  2. You are responsible for your posts. You are responsible for the content of your messages and are liable for negligent, knowing, or willful misconduct, as well as damages arising from these actions.
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  5. Copyright laws apply to the web. Do not post any material protected by copyright unless you are the copyright holder or have the copyright holder's permission. You may make fair use of copyrighted material by quoting limited passages of text, provided you credit the author.
  6. No shouting. Messages in all capital letters are not fun to read.
  7. Stay on topic. We respectfully remind everyone that this is a technology discussion area for nonprofits and ask that you please only post questions that relate to our mission.
  8. No duplicate posting. Please refrain from posting duplicate messages or questions in more than one forum.
  9. Be yourself. Please avoid choosing a username with the explicit intention of impersonating another individual; doing so is grounds for removal from this community.
  10. Report abuse. Members can report any violations of the Community Rules and Standards by sending a private message or email to a Board Member.
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