Connectedness....a privilege and honor.

05/21/2015 9:06 AM | Shelly Steinhoff

I am blessed to work in the retreat and conference center industry.   My days offer countless opportunities to support people in their personal, professional, and vocational endeavors.  This connectedness is a privilege.

Recently I hosted a tour for three local church leaders interested in a fall women’s retreat.  As we walked throughout the campus, I shared the ways our site could enhance their program objectives: chapel for joyful, music-filled worship, outdoor fireplace for playful, social interaction, and whirlpool and sauna for deep rest and relaxation.  Excitement for the event rose the longer we walked and talked.  While the women discussed possibilities, the pastor quietly hung back.  I asked how his day was going.  He shared he had flown in at midnight after having spent the day at the White House and this morning had started with breakfast with the Governor.   Just four hours later, he was standing with me in our lobby.  Having surmised recent national headlines regarding social injustice and the imbalance of power might be the focus, I inquired about his work.  He briefly shared his background and evolution as a community leader.  This is a gifted, humble man engaged in important and heavy dialogue.  Yet in the quiet of our place, I sensed a culling of his thoughts and an emerging message surely to be included as part of the sermon he would deliver four times in the next 24 hours.    

Retreating holds inherent value for the human spirit.  Time and space reconnect us to our mission, message and movement.  While the work we oversee as conference and retreat center leaders occurs within our walls, our guests’ intentional and thoughtful work reverberates throughout our local, national and global communities.  These endeavors are powerful.  Our inter-connectedness is truly an honor.

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