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2018 IACCA Annual Conference

October 22-25, 2018 

 Green Lake Conference Center

Green Lake, Wisconsin

Registration Now Open!

What does it take to lead a conference center today’s world?  How can our centers thrive during times of change?  How can we improve our leadership styles to motivate our employees to excel and maximize potential?  Come join us for the 2018 IACCA Annual Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin this October!  Starting with a dynamic keynote given by Lori Hoffner of Supporting CommUnity, we will explore the differences between transactional leadership and transformational leadership.  From there, we have the opportunity to network with other professionals and improve the leadership potential in ourselves and our staffs through a dynamic series of workshops and discussion sessions designed to highlight the vast and varied areas in camp and conference center life.  We will explore leadership in all areas of center management, from how to successful fundraise, to marketing, to program development, to facilities management, to personnel, to food service and hospitality. 


Keynote Speaker: Lori A. Hoffner 


Our keynote speaker is Lori A. Hoffner.  Lori has been offering training for positive youth development, community networking and organizational relationship building since 1997 and has spoken nationally regarding youth program development, employment and staff engagement as well as multiple community issues. For 11 years, Lori was the Executive Director of PACCT, a small non-profit in Jefferson County, Colorado, an organization dedicated to the success of youth and community. Lori specializes in positive staff and organizational relationships based on generational studies and research.  Additionally, she has years of experience with youth programming, program development and youth staffing.

Moving into the Future: the Power of Transformational Leadership

Do you know the difference between transactional leadership and transformational leadership and why it makes a difference in EVERY industry? As the saying goes; “the only constant is change,” and if it’s important for you and your organization to move into the future with positive growth and a thriving staff, you will want to understand how to support this change. This includes appreciating leaders with strength of vision and personality who can inspire followers to change expectations, perceptions, and motivations to work towards common goals. Additionally, that change happens when there is an increase in the leader’s expectation of the follower’s performance which will result in overall increased performance. 


Purposed Based Recognition; Recognizing and Rewarding Your Staff

Did you know that turnover is a 5 trillion dollar drain on the US economy? How does turnover affect your bottom line? By implementing a “Purposed Based Recognition” program you will reduce turnover, you will gain buy-in of your employees and you will create an environment of support and enthusiasm. Lori will help you identify goals and responsibilities of leadership for everyone in an intentional program that will retain your most important asset; your employees.

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